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Talk Time – Necessary Evil

An animated music video that explores mankind’s evolution.


Directed by Dustin Apodaca, from a script by Apodaca & Edson Choi, ‘Necessary Evil’ is an animated music video from the band Talk Time. The adventure short takes viewers on a journey through mankind’s technological evolution with a comical undertone. Set predominately in the future, with pre-historic elements, the film delves into the theme of human fallibility. The science fiction narrative and the melodic rhythms of the music will certainly captivate and entertain the audience.

The 6-minute video opens at the dawn of mankind, where the brutality of human survival is rife. Advancements in weaponry act as a transition through the ages and into the future. We are introduced to two space travelers, whose mission is at a perilous risk. An alien creature offers a hand at help, but their primitive instinct is to attack – subsequently sabotaging their space quest. The film explores both the evolving and unaltered human personality.

Dustin Apodaca has created a fascinating experimental animation, loosely inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. The narrative is enthralling throughout, supported by Talk Time’s marvelous musicianship. The witty 2D animation is finely crafted from start-to-finish with a compelling concept that will hook the audience. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 6 min

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