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Exquisite Things

A glamorous ode to unapologetic female empowerment and opulence.


Jessica Batson‘s short experimental comedy, a jubilant celebration of female empowerment, casts Andrea Bolley as the charismatic lead, navigating a world of unapologetic wealth and luxury with a delightful comedic flair. Bolley, portraying a glamorous older woman reveling in opulence alongside the charming Joseph Lindsley, infuses the film with a flirtatious, seductive, and diva-like quality that consistently elicits eccentricity.

In a unique twist, the film foregoes character dialogue, relying solely on the narrative voiceover by Mother Nature, adding an unexpected layer to the storytelling. The adept production design impeccably showcases the extravagance and opulence, complemented by the beautifully crafted, high-end cinematography of Joe Martinez Jr.

Bolley’s captivating performance takes center stage, engaging the audience with her portrayal of an older woman unapologetically embracing both her age and unabashed affluence. Batson’s comedic vision, enriched by the seamless blend of visuals and narrative, delivers a lighthearted yet empowering experience. This short film not only entertains but also subtly challenges societal norms, making it a standout contribution to the realm of experimental comedy.

Exquisite Things Short Film


Runtime: 2 min


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