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Buckle up for a hair-raising ride under the full moon.


Christopher Oliver’s 2D horror animation, a dark and intense thrill ride, offers a visceral experience that lingers long after the screen goes black. With minimal dialogue, Oliver masterfully weaves a gripping tale centered around a man’s ill-fated encounter with female werewolves. The forbidden road becomes the setting for a heart-pounding sequence as our protagonist, riding his motorbike under the full moon, is abruptly thrown into a nightmarish reality by three formidable muscle women.

The animation’s craftsmanship is commendable, with a stark yet captivating design that enhances the overall eerie atmosphere. The complimentary sound design amplifies the tension, heightening the viewer’s sense of dread. As the narrative unfolds, shocking and gory visuals escalate, creating a sense of unease that is both thrilling and disturbing.

The twist ending adds an unexpected layer to the narrative. Oliver successfully blends horror elements with impeccable animation, delivering a short film that is as visually striking as it is emotionally jarring. In just one minute, he crafts a memorable experience that showcases his talent in storytelling within the horror genre, making this animation a standout piece in the realm of short horror films.

Aphrodisiac Short Animation


Runtime: 1 min
Genre: ,

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