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An avant-garde odyssey of self-love and female empowerment.


Chiara Pastoor’s one-woman film emerges as a bold exploration of her own burning sensuality, self-love, and the profound realm of female empowerment. From the confines of a post-production control room, Pastoor takes center stage, ingeniously manipulating and superimposing her naked form into diverse urban and natural landscapes, creating a provocative tapestry of feminine grooming and self-pleasure. The imagery is symbolic, metaphorical, and poetic, enhanced by the subtle glow of a burning candle that threads through the film, adding depth to its visual storytelling.

Pastoor’s artistic prowess shines through in the seamless integration of visual effects, expertly crafted to elevate the film’s experimental nature. With a light-hearted and comical tone, the narrative navigates through the intimate journey of self-discovery, embracing both vulnerability and strength. The film’s conclusion, marked by Pastoor’s self-written poem, serves as a powerful testament to the expressive themes woven throughout.

The cinematography and editing contribute to the film’s overall aesthetic appeal, capturing the essence of each moment with finesse. Pastoor’s cinematic venture stands as a highly artistic and experimental exploration, unapologetically celebrating female empowerment, self-love, and the uninhibited expression of one’s sensuality.

Directed By Short Experimental Film


Runtime: 5 min
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