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Waking Up

An evocative visual symphony that explores the harrowing depths of abuse.


Tina Kuzman’s hauntingly powerful experimental film unfolds as a visceral exploration into the mental turmoil of an abused young woman, portrayed with poignant depth by Andjela Radović. Shot in dual tones of black and white and color, complemented by a melancholic soundtrack, Kuzman’s collaboration with Una Jovović on cinematography weaves a visually poetic narrative, utilizing metaphorical imagery to delve into themes of abuse, guilt, and identity.

The recurring presence of a doll serves as a potent symbol, representing the protagonist’s manipulated existence, a puppet ensnared by the strings of control. Dance sequences, portraying a desperate yearning for freedom and expression, further enhance the film’s emotional impact. Without dialogue, Radović’s compelling performance speaks volumes, especially in poignant scenes that hint at the harrowing effects of sexual abuse and assault, depicted through the character’s isolated anguish and the haunting specter of an impending pregnancy.

Kuzman’s film is a beautifully executed exploration of female empowerment, capturing the raw essence of sorrow and resilience. Its artistic and symbolic cinematography serves as a visual treat, transforming each frame into a poetic composition that resonates long after the film concludes. A courageous and evocative cinematic journey, this short film is a testament to the potency of storytelling through visual artistry.

Waking Up Experimental Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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