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An intimate exploration of the turbulence of grief.


Thanasis Neofotistos, in collaboration with co-writer Grigoris Skarakis, crafts a poignant and unconventional dark comedy in his short drama film, offering an intimate exploration of grief, loss, and the complexities of a strained mother-daughter relationship. Lena Papaligoura delivers an astounding performance as Vanina, a senior cabin crew member grappling with the distractions of new braces during an international flight to Greece, all while harboring the painful truth that her mother’s body lies in the cargo hold.

Set entirely on board the flight, Neofotistos employs an innovative approach that centers the narrative around Papaligoura’s character, creating an intimate atmosphere as viewers navigate her struggles, both personal and professional. Yannis Fotou’s handheld and occasional POV cinematography enhances the sense of proximity, allowing the audience to witness the unfolding chaos up close.

The film’s highly cinematic production values, including stellar production design, editing, sound, and music, contribute to its immersive quality. Lena Papaligoura’s portrayal is a masterclass in balancing professional composure with the turbulent emotions of grief, resulting in moments that are deeply moving yet laced with occasional dark humor. The catalytic turbulence on the aircraft becomes a metaphorical storm forcing Vanina to confront her unexplored feelings, making Neofotistos’s film a nuanced exploration of human vulnerability and resilience.

AirHostess 737


Runtime: 16 min
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