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An angst-ridden battle against a housemate’s relentless puns takes a sinister turn.


Joseph Robert Redl’s horror comedy, directed with a wickedly entertaining touch, explores the unsettling consequences of pun-induced frustration in the short film written by Dante Giannetta, where Giannetta stars as the lead character, Dante. Centered around Dante’s exasperation with housemate Joe’s (Brandon Salerno) incessant and unfunny puns, the narrative takes a ruthless and sinister turn as Dante’s mounting irritation propels him to take matters into his own hands.

Set entirely within the confines of a large house, the film cleverly merges cringe comedy with a captivating horror twist, drawing inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart.’ Redl and Giannetta weave a fine balance between humor and horror, creating a narrative that keeps viewers both entertained and on edge.

Michael Digioia’s outstanding cinematography adds a cinematic flair to the professionally crafted production. Brandon Salerno’s flamboyant characterization of Joe adds a layer of eccentricity and entertainment, contributing to the film’s comedic and dark appeal. With a humorous twist that elevates the storytelling, Redl and Giannetta deliver a respectable and entertaining short film that blends dark comedy with a sinister charm.

Punchline Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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