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Rebellion NYC

Step beyond the stern facade of Sven Marquardt and witness his raw creative passion.


Oliver Würffell’s short documentary offers an intimate glimpse into the creative world of Sven Marquardt, the renowned bouncer of Berlin’s Berghain club, as he navigates the gritty streets of New York City with his camera lens. Beyond the menacing exterior of facial piercings and tattoos, the film paints a portrait of Marquardt’s endearing passions and artistic desires, dismantling preconceived notions about the man.

Sven’s rebellious nature and punk/new wave-inspired photographic style, captured through black and white 35mm film, infuse his work with a raw and feisty quality that speaks to his unconventional lifestyle. Despite language barriers (with the film in German and English subtitles), the documentary transcends boundaries, highlighting the captivating essence of Marquardt’s persona and his dynamic approach to photography.

Johnny Komar’s cinematography skillfully frames Sven against the backdrop of New York City, capturing the essence of his exterior photo shoots with beautiful shots that add a cinematic quality to the documentary. The film’s fantastic editing seamlessly weaves Sven’s narrative about his craft, featuring an array of models and providing a compelling portrayal of the man behind the notorious bouncer persona.

Sven Marquardt


Runtime: 5 min
Language: ,

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