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Wolf and Cub

A glorious poetic tribute.


‘Wolf and Cub’ is a poignant 8-minute animation film adapted from the late Marvin Bynoe final thesis script. Marvin, an alumnus of the California Institute of the Arts, passed away in March 2020. The people that knew him best – his family, friends and colleagues – have brought his work to life, creating a beautifully crafted story of a loving family.

The short animation opens with the development of fresh sketches (in time-lapse) with script narration by Eula Scott Bynoe (Marvin’s widow). We are introduced to a family – initially through rough drawings – but with each step of the narrative, the characters come alive with animated advancements. The story follows a father and his son who journey on an adventure to reunite his wife’s forgotten packed-lunch. Livingston Scott Bynoe (Marvin’s son) also contributes to the voice-over. A sentimental film made from the heart.

Discounting the sadness behind the film, ‘Wolf and Cub’ stands on its own as a magical little short. The script holds strong, which is strengthened by impeccable characterization, a clear narrative journey and engaging dialogue. The visual beauty of Marvin’s film is the clever progression of the animation. The development team have created a film that is bewitching, original and a glorious poetic tribute to Marvin Bynoe.

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Runtime: 8 min
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