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An experimental tale that immerses viewers in the rhythmic world of a skateboarder’s day.


William Kaftan’s experimental short film captures the rhythmic essence of a skateboarder’s day in urban landscapes, with Bridger Flory as the central character navigating solitude and harmony before a sudden and disorienting turn into what appears to be a drug-related issue. The cinematography opts for intimacy over cinematic grandeur, employing experimental editing techniques to mirror the character’s drug-fueled distortion, a creative choice that aligns with the film’s experimental nature.

Bridger Flory’s commendable performance captures the nuances of loneliness and isolation prevalent in the narrative, intensified by the absence of dialogue and a continuous musical soundtrack. While the film successfully conveys a snapshot of a moment, its highly experimental approach leaves room for further exploration into the character’s backstory and the aftermath of his downturn, adding depth and context to the overall narrative.

The absence of a dramatic arc limits the impact of the film, emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive exploration of the character’s journey. Nevertheless, Kaftan’s direction demonstrates a bold artistic vision, and the film serves as an intriguing exploration of mood and atmosphere, offering a unique perspective on the challenges of urban solitude and self-discovery.

Porta Short Experimental FIlm


Runtime: 2 min

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