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The King’s Pawn

A high-stakes pursuit of success and redemption.


Jonah Bleicher’s gripping drama, skillfully directed and co-written with Darren Anderson, unfolds a tale of revenge, jealousy, and regret in the competitive world of chess, with Collin Ware delivering a captivating performance as Martin Bloom, a former child chess prodigy turned inventor. As Ware’s character, now an adult, creates the formidable computer Galatea 2.0 to challenge world champion Christoph Wolff, portrayed by Jakob Von Eichel, the film transcends its chess backdrop to explore the depths of human emotion.

Collin Ware’s portrayal is a tour de force, showcasing the desperation of a man driven by a relentless pursuit of success. Flashback scenes, featuring the talented Logan Riley Bruner as young Martin, provide a nuanced understanding of the protagonist’s past triumphs and failures, shaping the complexities of his character.

The film’s tension builds as Martin faces the ultimate test, with the threat of a power outage adding an additional layer of suspense. Zachary Halberd’s highly cinematic cinematography, featuring well-crafted framing and moving shots, enhances the storytelling, while the visual effects contribute authenticity to the portrayal of the high-stakes chess match. Bleicher’s work is a captivating exploration of the human psyche, brilliantly blending elements of strategy, competition, and the intricate emotions that drive us to overcome our pasts.

The King's Pawn Short Film


Runtime: 17 min
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