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People of the Pop

A satirical and side-splitting look at the hilariously misguided pursuit of fame.


Steve W. Thompson’s short mockumentary is a riotous journey into the absurd world of fame-hungry pop duo Alex and Frankie, brilliantly portrayed and written by Frankie LaPace and Alexandra Nader. As the duo prepares for a supposedly sold-out arena, the film unravels the flamboyant, ego-centric, and entitled antics behind the scenes, delivering a satirical take on the often ludicrous pursuit of celebrity.

Thompson’s clever direction captures the essence of parody with hilarious “behind-the-scenes” footage, offering a comedic commentary on the fame game. LaPace and Nader’s performances are a standout, bringing to life characters that are both outrageous and endearing, making the audience root for their misguided ambitions.

The film’s success lies in its sharp wit and campy humor, creating a comedy that not only entertains but also satirizes the entertainment industry’s excesses. Despite facing a significant setback, the duo’s unwavering positivity becomes an additional layer of humor, highlighting the absurdity of their situation.

Thompson’s mockumentary is a delightful ball of laughs from start to finish, leaving audiences wanting more of Alex and Frankie’s outrageous antics, making it a strong contender for expansion into a wider series. A brilliantly executed parody, this comedy showcases the absurdity of the fame game with charm and infectious humor.

People of the Pop Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 6 min

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