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Round Eight

A drama that delves into the emotional and physical challenges within the realm of boxing.


In Pavlo Lykhoviter‘s experimental drama, the visceral world of boxing takes center stage as the filmmaker himself steps into the ring, delivering a visually stunning exploration of a boxer’s confidence-building ritual and intense fight against Max Zabolotnyj. Beautifully shot in black and white by Esteban Die, the film captivates with its intense cinematography, occasionally slowing down the motion to heighten the sense of drama and tension.

With limited dialogue, Lykhoviter’s repetition of the question “Are you afraid?” in the mirror before the fight becomes a powerful mantra, echoing the psychological struggles within the protagonist’s mind. The well-fitting music adds to the emotional weight of the character’s psyche, enhancing the overall intensity of the film.

While the experimental nature of the drama leaves room for further character exploration, particularly in the context of a test film, Lykhoviter impressively captures the essence of boxing with skillful choreography and a focus on the protagonist’s confidence-building journey. The film stands as a respectable testament to Lykhoviter’s experimental storytelling and his ability to convey the emotional and physical challenges faced within the confines of the boxing ring.

Round Eight Short Boxing Film


Runtime: 3 min
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