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Far Engines

An exploration of Gaga – a fleeting study in movement, energy, and artistic expression.


Nurit Koniak’s micro-short documentary unfolds as an insightful exploration into the world of Israeli contemporary dance, focusing on dancer Beatrice Larrivee as she unravels the intricacies of Gaga – a movement language that delves into the essence of physical expression and the ignition of movement from the body’s root. Larrivee’s articulate explanation offers viewers a glimpse into the creative and expressive dimensions of this unique dance form, where the flow of energy becomes an artful study.

The micro-short, though brief, captures the beauty and artistic depth of Larrivee’s dance movements with precision, complemented by the neat cinematography of Meidan Gil Harush. The experimental nature of the film adds an intriguing layer to the overall presentation, appealing particularly to dance enthusiasts who can appreciate the nuanced exploration of Gaga.

While the film’s brevity provides a snapshot into the world of Gaga, additional information could enhance the viewer’s understanding. Nevertheless, the documentary stands as a beautifully crafted and artistic endeavor, shedding light on the subtleties of movement and creativity within Israeli contemporary dance – a fleeting yet captivating study that leaves a lasting impression on those who appreciate the language of dance.

Far Engines Short Dance Film


Runtime: 1 min

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