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An emotive reflection animation that delves into the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Ekaterina Chatski’s short experimental animation film is a poignant exploration of profound sadness, guilt, and anguish in the face of the shocking news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The narrative follows a couple, voiced by Chatski and Eddie Mora, on a journey through Costa Rica when they stumble upon the devastating information on their car radio.

The film’s emotional depth is palpable as it unfolds through a unique stop-motion animation style, captivating viewers with its somber tone and black-and-white imagery. The characters’ helpless despair is a central theme, creating a dark and reflective atmosphere that lingers throughout the film. Chatski effectively weaves in brief elements of religion, history, and politics, subtly emphasizing the broader context of the characters’ sorrow.

While the narrative is fleeting, it successfully conveys the characters’ emotional turmoil, leaving room for further exploration. The bilingual approach, with dialogue in Spanish and Russian accompanied by English subtitles, adds a layer of authenticity to the storytelling. Chatski’s film is a compelling and thought-provoking piece that invites viewers to reflect on the human impact of geopolitical events, showcasing a unique artistic vision and a commendable execution of stop-motion animation.

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Runtime: 4 min
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