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A poignant tale of a yearning adolescent girl unfolds through hand-embroidered artistry.


In Yu Sun’s extraordinary experimental animation, the poignant narrative of an adolescent girl yearning for her absent father unfolds through a visually stunning and unconventional medium – hand embroidery on tracing paper. The film’s opening captures the heart of the story as the central protagonist attempts to engage her father in playtime, only to find his attention consumed by incessant phone calls, leaving the young girl unsettled.

Sun’s masterful use of hand embroidery and tracing paper creates a mesmerizing visual experience, with the pace of the film mirroring the repeated theme of the father’s distraction. The simplicity of the premise, amplified by the absence of dialogue, allows the craft to take center stage, showcasing the young girl’s attempts to connect with her father through a poignant red thread, shaping symbols with her hands.

The film’s somber tone is expertly enhanced by a meticulously crafted sound design that heightens the tension throughout. Despite the absence of dialogue, the emotional depth is palpable, and the conclusion, while touching, carries a note of hope. Yu Sun’s personal project is a testament to her artistic prowess, with a unique and intriguing approach that deserves high praise for its innovative storytelling and visually arresting craftsmanship.

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Runtime: 5 min
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