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A Better Man

A exploration of self-discovery and the resilience needed to break free from the shadows of peer pressure.


Tristen Pon and Dellin Zhang’s poignant coming-of-age drama, led by the stellar performance of Qingshi Meng as Seth, immerses viewers in the struggles of a young Asian-American navigating the complexities of peer pressure, self-esteem, and the search for identity. The narrative intricately explores Seth’s journey toward self-improvement, catalyzed by an unexpected encounter with a self-help guru, brilliantly portrayed through the lens of an apparition.

Blu Xu shines as Andrew, Seth’s unwaveringly supportive brother, adding depth to the emotional core of the film. The exploration of familial bonds and the challenges of breaking free from toxic friendships resonates powerfully. The film’s dual-language approach, incorporating English and Mandarin, adds an authentic layer to the storytelling, enriching the narrative with cultural nuances.

Aries Fung’s high-quality cinematography, characterized by beautiful framing and craftsmanship, elevates the visual experience, complemented by strong sound and editing. The film stands out as a well-crafted piece, delivering a touching and relatable story that captures the essence of adolescent struggles and the importance of genuine connections. Meng and Xu deliver strong acting performances, contributing to the overall emotional resonance of this beautifully made and authentic film.

A Better Man Short Film


Runtime: 27 min
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