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A magical spectacle of radiant enchantment.


Conrad Moody and Letitia Liu’s micro-short animation unfolds as a magical and enchanting experience within its brief runtime, introducing viewers to a whimsical world that brims with wonder. The 2D and VFX animation skillfully begins in a dark and gloomy train station, swiftly transforming the atmosphere as a fairy-like spirit, adorned in a radiant yellow dress, imparts a luminous and festive glow, infusing the setting with magic and charm.

The absence of dialogue allows the animation to rely on the visual storytelling prowess, and the choice of a beautiful piano melody enhances the overall tone, creating an immersive and emotive experience for the audience. The superb craftsmanship evident in the animation elevates the micro-short, with meticulous attention to detail apparent in both design and characterization.

As a final year project from the University of Hertfordshire, this animation not only showcases technical proficiency but also a narrative finesse that delivers a sweet and endearing tale. Moody and Liu have successfully condensed magic and whimsy into a short yet impactful animation, leaving viewers with a lingering sense of joy and enchantment long after the brief journey through their fantastical world.

Flicker Short Film


Runtime: 1 min

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