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A comical exploration of creative struggles, unexpected connections, and the quest for genuine appreciation.


Aoife Williamson’s triple-threat contribution to the short film scene shines in her creation, where she not only wrote and directed but also starred in this compelling comedy drama. The narrative cleverly unfolds within a single day in the hectic life of Lilith, an escort and musician, skillfully portrayed by Williamson. Lilith’s journey is a chaotic blend of unexpected challenges, navigating the demands of her male clientele while simultaneously tasked with composing a song on short notice. The film dives into the complex themes of male objectification and the overwhelming burden of Lilith’s dual professions as an Irish immigrant.

Jeffrey Fuller’s portrayal of Adam, one of Lilith’s clients with unexpected ties to her musical endeavor, adds an intriguing layer to the storyline. The narrative takes a poignant turn as Lilith grapples with feeling underappreciated and reduced to her sexuality, particularly when her artistic contributions are overshadowed. Williamson delivers a stellar performance, infusing her character with a delightful comedic edge and moments of genuine emotion.

Yessica Curiel Montoya’s handheld cinematography elevates the film with its high-end cinematic quality, offering visually striking frames that complement the narrative. The film is a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges faced by creative individuals, using humor and insight to captivate the audience. Williamson’s short film is a testament to her talent and storytelling prowess, offering a compelling and visually appealing experience that resonates long after the final frame.

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Runtime: 15 min
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