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Kalbelyas of Pushkar

A heart-warming exploration of India’s Kalbeliyas, showcasing their resilient spirit and vibrant culture.


In Harvey Walton’s short documentary, the rich culture and resilient community of India’s Kalbeliyas, known as the Cobra Gypsies, unfold against the vibrant backdrop of Pushkar. Walton’s expert cinematography and drone photography capture the essence of these spirited people, revealing a community marked by their indomitable joy, despite facing extreme poverty, constant movement, and a lack of education and stability.

The film becomes a touching exploration of the Kalbeliyas’ way of life, portraying their warm-heartedness and welcoming spirit amidst the challenges they endure. Walton skillfully delves into the passion for dance and music that defines their identity, providing viewers with a deep appreciation for the cultural richness embedded in their daily lives.

As the camera immerses itself in the heart of this tight-knit community, the documentary paints a vivid picture of resilience and camaraderie. The film is both endearing and poignant, offering a glimpse into the beauty of the Cobra Gypsies’ existence, highlighting their ability to find happiness amid adversity. Walton’s creation emerges as a beautiful tribute to a remarkable community, encapsulating the warmth, strength, and cultural vibrancy that defines the Kalbeliyas.

Kalbelyas of Pushkar Short Documentary


Runtime: 3 min

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