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Ordinary Man

A powerful ode to heroism and personal sacrifise.


In Kerry Drumm’s short drama film, extracted from the web series ‘Incoming Words of War‘, Liam O’Kane delivers an extraordinary performance as Corporal Ben Lawley, immersing viewers in a riveting monologue that unfolds seamlessly in one continuous take. Set within the confines of a sound booth, the narrative is prompted by a simple yet profound question: “Who is your hero?”

O’Kane’s portrayal takes the audience on an emotional journey, delving into the heart-wrenching childhood memory of a fire that claimed his father’s life, highlighting the heroic sacrifice that shaped his understanding of a hero. Lasting seven minutes, the film captures the essence of a real-life interview, with O’Kane’s authentic and moving performance resonating as a tribute to the ordinary man and the personal sacrifices that often go unnoticed.

David Richardson’s cinematography, though static, skillfully frames the poignant narrative with high-quality precision. The well-crafted script authentically explores themes of grief, friendship, and the transformative impact of war on one’s perception of heroism. This beautiful film serves as an ode to the unsung heroes in everyday life, compelling viewers to delve deeper into the broader series, which promises a compelling and poignant exploration of the human experience.

Ordinary Man Short Film


Runtime: 7 min


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