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Bay For Blood

A gripping low-budget thriller that delves into the twisted psyche of an “insecure paranoid psychopath”.


Harry Waldman’s low-budget thriller, peels back the layers of James’ psyche, brilliantly portrayed by Dave Neylon as an ‘insecure paranoid psychopath,’ unleashing a tale of extreme jealousy, anxiety, and betrayal. The narrative unfolds with gripping tension as James, played with chilling authenticity, holds his friend Rob, portrayed by Jasper Hammer, hostage in a volatile eruption of perceived wrongdoing.

The introduction of Jessica, a regular drug client played by Isaly Viana, injects a new dimension into the narrative as she embarks on a perilous mission to rescue James. The film’s exploration of the dark corners of the human mind is intense, and the psychopathic theme is skillfully played out, showcasing strong characterizations and a compelling storyline. Despite its low-budget constraints, the film is a testament to Waldman’s directorial prowess, with Lance Eliot Adams’ cinematography providing neat framing and capturing the psychological intensity.

The post-production work elevates the overall production value, contributing to a cinematic experience that transcends its budgetary limitations. Waldman’s thriller is a gripping journey into the abyss of human emotions, delivered with stellar acting performances and a palpable sense of suspense that lingers, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre.

Bay for Blood Short Thriller


Runtime: 18 min
Genre: ,

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