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A chance encounter with a ruthless beggar propels a mother and daughter into an uncertain future.


In Joe Jennings Jr’s gripping short drama, the lives of a mother and daughter, portrayed by Karen Duvall (Mother) and Jamila Gray (Kendra) respectively, take a sudden and unsettling turn after a profound conversation about life aspirations. As Kendra’s curiosity of ascending to the pinnacle of society by becoming the President of the United States, her mother imparts a sobering reality check, emphasizing the importance of people over prestige.

The narrative veers unexpectedly when the mother is confronted and assaulted by a ruthless beggar, played by Todd Daniel, introducing a layer of complexity to their future, particularly given their African-American identity. The film, buoyed by the commanding lead performances and insightful dialogue, unfolds against a backdrop of neatly framed cinematography skillfully executed by Derek Bauer.

While the film delivers a powerful impact, its narrative feels somewhat fleeting, leaving audiences yearning for more exploration of the consequences of the shocking encounter. The conclusion, abrupt and shocking, raises more questions than it answers, adding an enigmatic layer to the storytelling.

Overall, Jennings Jr’s work is a commendable piece of cinema, offering a thought-provoking exploration of societal dynamics and individual resilience, with performances that resonate long after the credits roll.

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Runtime: 5 min
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