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An experimental drama that explores one woman’s identity.


Directed by Vanessa Vivas, from a script by Deana Taheri, ‘Transplant’ is a short experimental drama film that explores one woman’s identity. Deana Taheri leads the cast as Mahasti, with Bobbi Denise Johnson as Dr. Johannes/Johanna. The film delves into the protagonists struggle to distinguish her culture, memory, history and personality. The short follows a non-linear narrative with experimental imagery throughout. A thrilling watch.

The 11-minute film opens with an anxious young women facing questions about her dream and identity. Unable to recollect any memory or personal history, the pressure of self-discovery and intimidation by Dr. Joannes becomes all too much to bear. The film concludes with a deeper understanding of the circumstances, which highlights the internal struggle of a globe-trotting migrant.

Deana Taheri (Writer/Star) has created a captivating short that examines the human condition, self-identity and our interconnecting world. The narrative is heavily poetic with enthralling imagery (taken over multiple continents) from start-to-finish. Cinematography is of a highly professional standard, wrapped up with stellar sound and post-production. Deane Taheri and Bobbi Denise Johnson deliver exceptional performances from the get-go that will keep viewers engaged and entertained. An experimental success that is inspired by Taheri’s own personal circumstances. Under Vanessa Vivas’s direction, ‘Transplant’ will reward audiences throughout. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 11 min

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