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An uproarious cinematic spectacle unfolds as a best man’s race against time spirals into a high-speed comedy of errors.


Stephen Ashwell’s cinematic gem, a fusion of action and comedy, propels the audience into a high-speed wedding day mayhem led by the incomparable Josh Harvey as the rings bearer – the best man on a hilariously disastrous mission. Harvey’s Mr. Bean-like antics, coupled with his zippy Mini Cooper, set the stage for a comedic rollercoaster as he races against time to rectify the ultimate oversight: forgetting the rings.

What ensues is a brilliant display of comedic genius, as Harvey embarks on a frantic pursuit to retrieve the rings, only to find himself entangled in yet another high-speed chase, this time with the bride, played by the talented Stephanie Hazel, adding an extra layer of hilarity to the chaos.

The film’s quintessential British humor is masterfully executed, with Harvey’s comedic style earning well-deserved praise. Calvin Day’s astonishing cinematography, featuring high-end drone shots, elevates the film to a level of visual excellence that rivals Hollywood productions. Each frame is meticulously crafted, and the pacing feels like the climax of a feature-length blockbuster.

Ashwell’s direction shines through in this thrilling, tense, and side-splitting short film, showcasing his prowess in orchestrating cinematic brilliance. The entire production team deserves commendation for delivering a high-end comedic treat that leaves the audience both entertained and in awe of the craftsmanship displayed.

Wedlock Short Film


Runtime: 6 min
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