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Empty River Paths

An experimental film that weaves a poetic narrative of relationships and nature.


In Padelis Paradisis’ experimental film, the lush jungle serves as the metaphorical canvas for the ebb and flow of a relationship, ingeniously symbolized through the dance-like movements of Julianne Casabalis as the embodiment of flowing water within an empty riverbed. Paradisis, portraying the masculine counterpart, converges with Casabalis in a haunting narrative that unfolds with static cinematography and a mesmerizing, eerie soundtrack.

The absence of dialogue allows the visual poetry to take center stage, exploring the spirituality and hypothetical connectivity of water particles. Paradisis’ framing captures the raw beauty of the jungle and the nuanced expressions of the characters, creating a rich visual tapestry that mirrors the complexities of relationships and nature.

While some viewers may find the film’s artsy nature a departure from conventional storytelling, the experience is undeniably moving, poignant, and utterly fascinating. Paradisis crafts a symbolic tale that transcends the boundaries of traditional narratives, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the hypnotic rhythm of the natural world and the intricate dance of emotions within a relationship. This experimental gem stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling and the profound impact it can have on the viewer’s emotional landscape.

Empty River Paths Short Film


Runtime: 9 min
Country: ,

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