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A coming-of-age tale that transcends the bounds of space and resonates with universal struggles of adolescence.


Max Shore delivers a captivating sci-fi journey in his short film, guided by the stellar performance of Agnes Jakobsson as the space-faring protagonist. Set against the backdrop of stunning cinematography by Jack Elliot, the film unfolds as a visually striking and professionally crafted venture, enhanced by high-quality VFX and imagery that adds a cinematic allure to the narrative.

Jakobsson’s portrayal as the space kid is nothing short of wonderful, her performance both captivating and alluring as she embarks on an interstellar quest for a new home. However, the film takes a poignant turn midway, revealing that the astral adventures were a vivid imagination and visual metaphor for the challenges faced at home, particularly with her stern father, played by Niclas Fransson. This unexpected twist transforms the narrative into a relatable coming-of-age tale, endearing in its exploration of the character’s struggles.

The absence of extensive dialogue, coupled with English subtitles, allows the film’s universal themes to resonate without language barriers. Shore’s ability to seamlessly blend the allure of space with the emotional landscape of a teenager’s life results in a short film that is not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant and thought-provoking.

Spacetime Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
Language: ,

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