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Wicked Plans

A comedy masterpiece that navigates the collision of a vengeful terrorist with the irresistible allure of Halloween.


In Lee Chambers’ comedy gem, Style Dayne takes the lead as an unexpected and somewhat misguided character – a overseas terrorist seeking revenge against a senator in the midst of Halloween night, a premise that could easily veer into discomfort but is instead masterfully navigated with sharp humor and edgy charm. Co-starring Joel Sopp, the film takes an unexpected turn as the candy-rich culture of Halloween begins to erode the terrorist’s resolve, leading to an amusing and endearing transformation, thanks to the influences of a trio of adolescents.

Chambers skillfully treads the fine line between edgy comedy and genuine moments of endearment, creating a narrative that surprises with its comedic depth and unexpected twists. The film’s success lies not only in its clever writing but also in the exceptional performances, particularly from Dayne who bring a nuanced and engaging dynamic to his eccentric character.

Cinematographer Tony Quiñones elevates the film with highly cinematic visuals, featuring well-framed shots that enhance the comedic timing and storytelling. The quality of sound and post-production further contribute to the overall polished and enjoyable viewing experience.

Lee Chambers delivers a brilliant comedic film that, despite its close-to-the-bone narrative, manages to tickle the audience’s funny bone while leaving room for moments of genuine connection and hilarity. It stands as a testament to the director’s ability to craft comedy that is not only sharp and edgy but also heartwarming.

Wicked Plans Short Comedy


Runtime: 5 min

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