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A heart-pounding thriller, where every pulse-pounding second counts.


‘Siren’, directed by Alex Clark, is a masterclass in the art of short thrillers. Rachael Ancheril commands the screen as Mills, a paramedic whose routine takes a harrowing turn as she uncovers a shocking revelation during an ambulance ride to the hospital. The film’s enigmatic allure hinges on the revelation at its core, making it challenging to delve further into the narrative without risking spoilers.

A tense and suspenseful countdown unfolds, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats throughout. Arnold Pinnock and Janaya Stephens complement Ancheril’s stellar performance, contributing to the film’s gripping atmosphere. The cinematic brilliance, courtesy of Ryan Knight’s astounding cinematography, elevates the storytelling to a level that rivals major Hollywood productions. The meticulous attention to editing, sound, and production design further solidifies the film’s technical excellence.

‘Siren’ skillfully weaves elements of pregnancy and motherhood into its narrative without divulging too much. The unexpected twists and turns promise an unusual yet riveting thriller experience. The standout acting, particularly Ancheril’s, deserves commendation, showcasing a cast fully committed to the film’s intensity.

While the film’s sudden and impactful ending may catch viewers off guard, it adds a layer of resonance to the overall experience. Alex Clark’s direction is deserving of high praise and acclaim, delivering a shocking and memorable short thriller that lingers in the minds of its audience long after the credits roll.

Siren Short Thriller Film


Runtime: 8 min

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