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A journey into the abyss of grief and the paranormal.


Angad Aulakh, co-wrriten with Taylor Sardoni, conjures an unsettling masterpiece in their short horror film, plunging audiences into the depths of a young woman’s grief-fueled journey. Taylor Cooper’s riveting performance as Rose, grappling with the unsolved disappearance of her sister, takes center stage, driving the narrative with conviction and emotion. The eerie atmosphere, meticulously crafted by Charlie Wuppermann’s cinematography, immerses viewers in a world of suspense, perfectly complementing the film’s fear-inducing tone.

Aulakh’s exploration of paranormal connections and the supernatural weaves a chilling narrative that delves into the unnerving realms of human resurrection, introducing sacrificial elements that heighten the horror. The film strikes a perfect balance between terror and cinematographic artistry, with low lighting and haunting visuals intensifying the overall experience. The petrifying storyline unfolds seamlessly, supported by flawless editing, production design, and a haunting sound design that amplifies the tension.

Guy Kent’s poignant portrayal of Paul, the hopeful brother-in-law, provides a compelling counterpoint to Rose’s desperate pursuit. ‘Resurrektor’ stands as a testament to the prowess of short horror filmmaking, delivering a cinematic and terrifying journey that captivates from start to finish.

Resurrektor Short Film


Runtime: 17 min

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