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The Art of Fortune Cookie

A charming documentary that explores the origin of the fortune cookie.


Directed by Jiayi Li, ‘The Art of Fortune Cookie’ is a short documentary that explores the history of a San Francisco-based fortune cookie retail store. The film stars Kevin Chan, the current owner, and his mother, Nancy Tom – founder of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Viewers will be captivated by the origin, culture and heritage of the world-renowned delicacy. A joyous watch from start-to-finish.

The 9-minute film opens with a brief history of Chinatown, San Francisco. We learn of the Chinese migrants who came to work in agriculture and goldmining, with some fleeing amidst racial discrimination. The migrants who stayed subsequently based themselves in Chinatown. Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory was established in 1962 and have handmade fortune cookies ever since. Kevin Chan (owner) is determined to carry on to protect his family’s legacy. We hear from customers from all over the world – who share their love and joy for the famous cookie.

Jiayi Li has created a charming documentary that informs viewers of the deep-routed Chinese culture in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is a striving small family business that ooze pride for their creation – an endearing watch. Despite being a low-budget production, the film is well shot with acceptable cinematography, sound and post-production. Highly recommended viewing.

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Runtime: 9 min

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