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Hold the Lighthouse

A poignant experimental drama that delves into Alzheimer’s disease.


Written and directed by Thomas Soto, ‘Hold the Lighthouse’ is a short experimental drama film that explores the relationship between a child and his aging grandfather. The film stars Jacques L’Heureux, with Édouard Biron-Laroque as young Jacob. The poignant narrative delves into themes of grief, loss, love and dementia. An outstanding drama that will bring a tear, or two, to the viewer. The film is produced in the French language with English subtitles.

The 9-minute film centers around Jacob and his grandfather, who are isolated in a remote Canadian village. The narrative focuses on the activities they share together, intertwined with emotional moments of mental confusion – sparked by Alzheimer’s disease. The short examines their shared grief and the boy’s puzzlement with his grandfather’s illness.

Thomas Soto has created a moving film that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the heartache of Alzheimer’s disease. Édouard Biron-Laroque delivers a truly exceptional performance as the young boy, with an equally commendable portrayal by Jacques L’Heureux. Their on-screen chemistry is endearing to watch. Cinematography is simply exceptional, with awe-inspiring scenery from start-to-finish. Lighting, color-grading and post-production are of a highly professional standard. Except a cinematic finish. The musical soundtrack plays an important role in the emotional narrative, with heartfelt melodies throughout. A captivating watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min

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