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Son of Memory

An emotionally charged sci-fi drama exploring grief, loss and second chances.


Hayato Ando’s poignant sci-fi drama, masterfully written and directed, unfolds as a heart-wrenching exploration of grief, regret, and the arduous journey toward healing for a young couple grappling with the sudden loss of their son, portrayed by the talented Rakunosuke Yanai. The film transcends cultural boundaries, offering a universally resonant narrative centered on the fractured relationship between Sei Ando’s grieving mother and Shinji Matsubayashi’s helpless husband.

Ando delves into the depths of human emotion, drawing parallels to the acclaimed ‘Black Mirror’ series with a narrative that introduces a temporary restoration service, providing a glimmer of hope for the bereaved mother to mend her regrets over the course of 49 days. The storytelling is beautifully nuanced, striking a delicate balance between sorrow and the fragile optimism of second chances.

Akiyoshi Yoshida’s cinematography captures the emotional nuances with cinematic finesse, enhancing the film’s visual impact. Sei Ando’s performance is a standout, delivering a portrayal of grief that is both raw and universally relatable. The film’s emotional resonance is further amplified by the seamless support from the ensemble cast.

In every frame, the film resonates with authenticity, making it a deeply moving and memorable cinematic experience that transcends language barriers. The blend of compelling storytelling, stellar performances, and exquisite craftsmanship solidifies this Japanese gem as a must-watch, leaving audiences profoundly touched and reflecting on the universal themes of love, loss, and the possibility of redemption.

Son of Memory Short Film


Runtime: 18 min
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