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Riddle Me This

A Batman fan film that won’t disappoint.


Directed by Ben Heald & Mark Haggett, from a script by Mark Haggett, ‘Riddle Me This’ is a short action film that follows the DC Comics protagonist, Batman. The short takes place two years after the events of the filmmaking duos ‘One Final Joke’ short film. The film stars Mark Haggett as Bruce Wayne (Batman), Joshua Patrick Dudley as The Riddler and Christopher Jacques as Dick Grayson (Nightwing). Fans of the comic book series and cinematic adaptations will be engrossed by the high action and character interpretations.

The 35-minute film opens with Bruce Wayne grappling with the past and his purpose as Batman. The narratively gears into the game-play of the criminal mastermind, The Riddler. Batman, Nightwing and Catwoman find themselves up against The Riddler’s schemes. The narrative also explores the brutal murder of Nightwing’s parents. A chilling watch. Harvey Dent (Two-Face) makes a thrilling appearance that will keep audiences at the edge of their seats.

Ben Heald and Mark Haggett have delivered a riveting fan-film that well exceeds its proceeding tale, both narratively and technically. Haggett and Christopher Jacques portray outstanding performances throughout, but the glory is within Joshua Patrick Dudley’s blazing performance as The Riddler. Captivating viewing from start to finish. Cinematography and costume design is of high quality – which deserves acclaim. Sound and post-production are equally commendable. Gripping viewing.

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Runtime: 36 min
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