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The GUTTER comedy troupe serve up a hilariously whacky dinner party with an uninvited guest.


J.D. Ramage’s uproarious short comedy, featuring the comedic prowess of GUTTER’s sketch-comedy troupe, turns a celebratory dinner into a sidesplitting affair when an uninvited guest disrupts the festivities. Without a single line of dialogue, the film relies solely on visual comedy, delivering a highly eccentric and whacky experience that keeps the audience in stitches. The standout performance by Andres Parada as the peculiar, stomach-churning interloper steals the spotlight, infusing the film with a bizarre charm that both amuses and entertains.

The film embraces a silent comedy format, accompanied by a delicate piano soundtrack that enhances the comedic timing. Leslie Bumgarner’s cinematography cleverly mimics a “home-video” style, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the chaotic scenario. The film’s impeccable editing ensures a seamless flow of laughter-inducing moments.

Beyond the laughter, Ramage’s creation becomes a tale of friendship and resilience, showcasing the camaraderie of the ensemble cast as they navigate unexpected disruptions with unwavering determination. In this whirlwind of visual hilarity, the film delivers a message to carry on with a smile, no matter the comedic chaos life may throw your way.

Friendsgiving Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 4 min

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