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Washington Park

A celebration of gay romance during the Christmas season.


‘Washington Park’, Waide Riddle’s enchanting gay romance short, unfolds like a visual sonnet, loosely adapting Riddle’s acclaimed poem of the same name in a festive and intimate setting. The film delicately captures the essence of love and connection between Riddle and Carlos Salas’ characters during the Christmas period, portraying moments of tenderness and passion without the need for dialogue. The absence of spoken words is compensated by the eloquent presence of Riddle’s poetic verses gracefully displayed on screen, accompanied by a romantic soundtrack that weaves seamlessly through the narrative.

Cinematographer Steven Paige’s use of close-ups adds a layer of intimacy, showcasing the nuances of the lovers’ emotions, desires, and the celebration of their sexuality. While the silent storytelling is powerful, the film could reach new heights by incorporating the audio of the narrated poem, available on Audible and eloquently delivered by Faris Monshi. The addition of this auditory dimension would elevate the emotional impact, enriching the viewer’s experience.

In its entirety, ‘Washington Park’ emerges as a poignant celebration of gay love during the holiday season. Riddle’s poetic prowess shines through, delivering beautifully written verses that captivate and resonate, making this short film a compelling exploration of intimacy and connection.

Washington Park Short Poetry Film


Runtime: 3 min
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