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The Meaning of Meaning

A captivating docu-short that journeys the brilliant mind of Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli.


In Jeremy Gans’s insightful short documentary, the enigmatic world of Italian theoretical physicist and writer Carlo Rovelli unfolds, revealing the captivating journey from his rebellious adolescence to his profound fascination with quantum mechanics. Through intimate face-to-camera dialogues with Rovelli himself, the film skillfully navigates the contours of his unwavering curiosity and adventurous spirit that laid the foundation for his intellectual pursuits.

The documentary seamlessly weaves through the creation of quantum mechanics, offering viewers a nuanced understanding of how this scientific discipline has reshaped our comprehension of reality, time, space, and the profound meaning embedded in the fabric of the universe. Beyond the scientific intricacies, the film delves into existential questions about the meaning of things and the evolution of ideas, transcending its scientific roots to become a philosophical exploration.

With a perfect blend of autobiographical elements and educational insights, Gans crafts a high-quality production that transcends the boundaries of traditional science films. Scott Turner and Chris Romeike’s cinematography is well framed and delivered in a cinematic fashion. Rovelli’s captivating presence makes the documentary not only highly informative but also deeply engaging, ensuring its appeal extends beyond science enthusiasts to a broader audience eager to unravel the mysteries of our world.

The Meaning of Meaning Short Film


Runtime: 7 min

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