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A drama about a family man’s dark struggle with his sexuality.


Yohanon Doron’s ‘Allende’ is a remarkable drama that fearlessly delves into the inner turmoil of a man struggling with his sexual identity. This short film explores themes of religion, sexuality, fatherhood, relationships, and mental health. Set in Mexico, the 11-minute film is divided into three parts, each artfully constructed to captivate and disturb the audience.

Uriel Mendoza leads the cast as Fransisco, a family man drowning in the weight of his secrets. Caraly Sanchez delivers a powerful performance as Maria, his long-suffering wife, while Americo Del Rio completes the cast as Miguel, Fransisco’s colleague and homosexual liaison. The absence of dialogue adds a haunting layer to the narrative, amplifying the characters’ unspoken personal agony and the disintegration of their marriage.

The cinematography by Josh Layton is exceptional, showcasing high-quality cinematic imagery from the very beginning. Every frame is carefully composed, enhancing the tone and atmosphere of the film. Alexandar Wells’ musical composition further elevates the narrative, adding to the emotional depth and intensity of the story.

‘Allende’ fearlessly confronts societal and religious intolerance towards homosexuality, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. The disturbing conclusion serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of denying one’s true self. Mendoza and Sanchez deliver outstanding performances that deserve recognition and acclaim.

In conclusion, the short is a highly recommended viewing experience that pushes boundaries and tackles important social issues with sensitivity and artistry. Doron’s direction, combined with the exceptional performances and technical craftsmanship, creates a powerful and thought-provoking short film that will stay with audiences long after the credits roll.

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