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Being Transgressive

A drama that courageously explores the workplace challenges of a female-to-male transgender.


In Joshua Caraballo’s poignant drama, Katelyn Rigby delivers a compelling portrayal of Mac, a female-to-male transgender accountant navigating the challenges of workplace coming-out. Rigby’s performance captures the emotional complexity of Mac’s journey, exploring identity and self-acceptance amidst the unsupportive environment of her boss, played by Richard Ruskin.

The film bravely tackles issues of gender identity, equality, and acceptance, sparking important conversations around these themes. Despite its low-budget production, the narrative powerfully highlights the repercussions of ignorance and lack of compassion in the workplace, shedding light on the mental health struggles that can arise when faced with adversity.

While the cinematography by Kevin Smith reaches a respectable standard, the film could benefit from heightened attention to editing, sound, and cinematography to fully elevate its impact. The acting, though standard, effectively communicates the film’s crucial message. Mac’s journey, fraught with moments of courage and despair, is likely to resonate with many, serving as an inspiration for those navigating similar paths and urging society toward greater understanding and acceptance.

‘Being Transgressive’ stands as a commendable effort in promoting dialogue on gender identity issues, showcasing the importance of empathy and education in fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace environment.

Transgressive Short Film


Runtime: 24 min
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