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Roxana vs Wanda Swords Fun

A visually eccentric action short that brings fierce feminine energy to a sword battle.


In Jasne’s visually eccentric action film, two elegantly dressed women, Roxana and Wanda, engage in a sword battle that spans the ages, set within the confines of a modern living room – an intriguing concept that unfortunately falls short of its potential. The film, devoid of dialogue and operating on a modest budget, relies solely on the visual narrative portrayed through the clash of ancient swords. While the sword choreography exhibits strength and skill, the film struggles to captivate with a narrative that feels limited and uninspiring. Despite the film’s attempt to juxtapose the glamour of the combatants with the brutality of the sword fight, the cinematography lacks a cinematic quality, and the choice of a modern living room as the battleground adds an element of incongruity to the overall visual experience. The narrative’s simplicity leaves little room for engagement or exploration of the characters’ backgrounds, and the location feels peculiar for a duel of such intensity.

However, the film does emanate strong feminine energy, emphasizing themes of empowerment and brutality. Despite its shortcomings, it remains a unique venture, offering a brief glimpse into an unconventional battle between the ancient and the modern, with the potential for improvement through enhanced cinematography and a more immersive narrative.

Roxana vs Wanda swords fun


Runtime: 9 min
Genre: ,

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