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Brass Rhapsody

Experience the transcendent harmony of familial bonds and shared musical passion.


In Orlando Zinn’s upcoming drama, the tantalizing glimpse into the world of saxophonist Joey Broussard, portrayed with depth by Dexter Tolson, promises a poignant exploration of familial bonds and shared musical passion. Co-starring the talented Fred Harris Jr as Joey’s father and Bakari Blocton as the younger Joey, the teaser hints at a film that transcends generations with its compelling narrative.

The fleeting yet impactful trailer showcases a remarkable production value, with stellar cinematography courtesy of Kanishk Grover that captures the emotional nuances of the father-son relationship. The acting shines, creating an authentic and resonant portrayal of the characters’ shared musical journey.

The promise of a well-thought-out production design and the commendable work in sound and musical production add layers of anticipation for this music-themed drama. The association with Danny Glover as an associate producer further elevates expectations, suggesting a seal of approval that assures audiences of a cinematic experience that won’t disappoint.

As the film is yet to be released, the trailer generates excitement and curiosity, leaving us eager to uncover the full narrative that promises to be something very special, weaving together aspirations, passion, and a rich musical tapestry.

Brass Rhapsody Short Film


Runtime: TBA min
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