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Mash Note

A comedic misadventure that explores the humor and heart behind the boundaries of friendship.


Justin R. Brown’s delightful short comedy navigates the delicate terrain of friendship and unspoken affections, with Dominique Hinde leading the cast as the endearing Wanda. The film kicks off with a charmingly awkward gesture, as Wanda leaves a love letter for her best friend Janice (Elisa C. Taylor) under her door, sparking a cascade of comedic misadventures as Wanda frantically attempts to retrieve the heartfelt confession.

In a refreshing twist on the classic romantic comedy, the film emphasizes the importance of openness and honesty, urging characters to express their true feelings before it’s too late, all while delivering a sweet and funny narrative. Justin R. Brown, also taking on a role in the film as mutual friend Glenn, adds another layer of comedy to the mix, contributing to the overall lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere.

The film, centered around a lesbian-themed storyline, not only provides entertainment but carries a valuable message about seizing the moment and breaking the boundaries of unspoken emotions. Alexandria Douglas’s handheld cinematography adds an intimate touch, elevating the production to a high standard. With respectable acting and comedic delivery, this short film proves to be a great watch, leaving audiences with smiles and a reminder to embrace honesty in matters of the heart.

Mash Note Short Film


Runtime: 12 min
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