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Tam O’Banter

An experimental comedy that transforms Robert Burns’ ‘Tam O’Shanter’ into a sidesplitting misadventure.


Andrew Dallmeyer and Geoffrey Alexander’s experimental comedy film, a humorous reinterpretation of Robert Burns’ ‘Tam O’Shanter’, unfolds as a side-splitting tale of misadventure narrated with infectious comedic energy by Dallmeyer himself. The film’s unique approach features Dallmeyer’s poetic verses, delivered in the Scots language, providing an authentic and banter-filled experience that adds a layer of cultural richness.

Throughout the narrative, a blend of animated and still imagery complements the comedic tone, vividly illustrating the escapades of the protagonist caught in the aftermath of an ill-fated encounter with an illegal substance. The result is a hilarious journey through misadventures, laced with the unmistakable charm of Dallmeyer’s retelling.

While the production’s experimental nature is evident in its eccentric visual style, the film successfully captivates audiences with its entertainment value. The cinematography, sound, and post-production elements may have room for improvement, but the immensely funny narrative, if one can grasp the intricacies of the Scots language, makes it a worthwhile and engaging watch. Ultimately, the film’s comedic prowess and cultural flair shine through, providing a distinctive and memorable viewing experience.

Tam O'Banter Short Comedy


Runtime: 13 min
Genre: ,

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