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A gripping thriller that delves into the intoxicating world of corporate ambition and power.


Trevvor Riley’s short thriller explores the dark side of corporate ambition and the intoxicating allure of power, with Spiros Psihos delivering a riveting performance as Syd/Mason Waters. As Syd faces rejection in the business world, the film takes a compelling turn into science fiction, offering an intriguing plot that weaves together elements of power, wealth, and the destructive nature of narcissism.

Psihos skillfully portrays Mason’s descent into a world of ruthless ambition, showcasing the character’s abuse of power not only in the boardroom but also in his personal life, leading to a destructive spiral that blurs the lines of identity. The film effectively captures the desperation for success and the toll it takes on an individual’s morality.

Engaging from start to finish, ‘Chameleon is a well-structured thriller that explores the consequences of unchecked ambition. Spiros Psihos’s performance is a standout, carrying the weight of the narrative with conviction. Colten Currey’s cinematic cinematography adds a visually striking layer to the film, complementing its technical prowess.

Riley’s short film stands as a testament to the dark and thought-provoking exploration of corporate power dynamics and the personal sacrifices made in the relentless pursuit of success.

Chameleon Short Film


Runtime: 23 min
Genre: ,

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