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The Sun Will Come Out

A heartwarming documentary that follows Broadway star Mandy Gonzalez on a journey of resilience and laughter.


Liz Hinlein’s documentary delves into the captivating journey of Broadway sensation Mandy Gonzalez, unraveling the intricate threads of her rise to fame with a blend of heartwarming nostalgia and humor. The film skillfully weaves together Gonzalez’s recounting and reenactment of unfortunate moments in her early career, including failed auditions for iconic roles in ‘Annie’ and a rejection into the esteemed Juilliard School at ages 8 and 17, respectively.

Gonzalez’s narrative is marked by touching reflections on the challenges posed by her mixed Hispanic and Jewish heritage, offering a glimpse into the hurdles she overcame on her path to success. Despite the setbacks, the documentary maintains an uplifting tone, driven by Gonzalez’s infectious determination, lighthearted humor, and her grandmother’s unwavering support. The recounting of a life-changing audition in front of Bette Midler adds an extra layer of intrigue to her narrative.

Piero Basso’s cinematography frames the documentary with precision, capturing the essence of Gonzalez’s charisma and the vibrant energy she brings to the screen. The film stands as a beautiful and inspiring testament to resilience and determination, leaving audiences both entertained and encouraged by Gonzalez’s infectious spirit. In its celebration of an unwavering pursuit of dreams, Hinlein’s documentary is a captivating ode to the indomitable human spirit.

The Sun Will Come Out Short Documentary


Runtime: 7 min

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