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My Dad’s an Alien!

A sci-fi drama that explores a young girl’s fascination with alien life.


Directed by Elin Grönblom, from a script by Grönblom & Ted Forsström, ‘My Dad’s an Alien!’ is a short sci-fi drama that delves into a young girl’s belief that her estranged father is an alien. Lilah Sandberg leads the cast as young Frida, with Susanne Marins as her mother. Matti Raita co-stars as Guy, an outlandish farm worker. The short is filmed in the Swedish language with English subtitles throughout.

The 15-minute film opens in 9-year-old Frida’s bedroom, which is heavily decorated with space and alien memorabilia. Outside in the farm barn, Frida attempts to make radio contact with her father, to no avail. When her injured mother calls in a laborer to assist on the farm, Frida’s suspicions about his real identity grow, accumulating in a conflict between Frida and her mother. A charming narrative that explores themes of longing, family and the supernatural.

Lilah Sandberg delivers a captivating portrayal as Frida, an endearing performance from start-to-finish. Matti Raita’s performance as Guy will provide viewers with a few belly-laughs. Lilah and Matti’s on-screen chemistry is enchanting and will certainly keep audiences engaged. Visually, the film is beautifully shot with outstanding cinematography and production design. Sound, post-production and music are of a cinematic standard. A sweet film for all ages. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 15 min
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