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Take Care

A poignant drama that explores the effects of Alzheimer’s on family members.


Written and directed by Jon Milograno, ‘Take Care’ is a short drama film that delves into a man’s relationship with his estranged family. Caleb Clark leads the cast as Joey, the lead singer of a metalcore band. Jonathan Bedford co-stars as Ben, Joey’s brother. Chantey Colet completes the cast as their ill-stricken mother. The film explores themes of family separation, illness and dementia. A poignant watch from start-to-finish.

The 22-minute film opens with home-video footage of a young Joey. The footage showcases his musical aspirations. The short cuts to the present day with a performance of his band. After the show, Joey’s estranged brother shows up to inform him of their mothers declining health due to Alzheimer’s – with ben encouraging him to make peace before its too late. Despite initial resistance, Joey visits his aging mother in care – but she doesn’t know who he is. A captivating watch with an emotional conclusion.

Jon Milograno has created a moving piece of filmmaking that highlights the effects of Alzheimer’s on family members, albeit in estrangement. Chantey Colet delivers a remarkable performance as the mother – an authentic portrayal mastered with sensitivity. Caleb Clark (Joey) delivers an equally commendable performance – his ability to showcase a broken soul is outstanding and powerful viewing. Visually, the film is produced with awe-inspiring cinematography and lighting – with a high-quality professional finish. Sound and post production is of an equal standard. ‘Take Care’ deserves high appreciation for the narrative subject matter, cast delivery and technical excellence. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 23 min
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