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Monster Mayhem

An action-packed parody about a zombie apocalypse.


Written and directed by Paul Constantakis, ‘Monster Mayhem’ is a short action film that takes viewers on a ride of apocalyptic carnage, intertwined with unexpected hilarity. The film stars Matteo De Cola, Troy Crossfield, Rosey Tyler and Mark Logtenberg. A gripping watch that pokes fun at the genre, the film industry and crucially, itself. Expect a few belly-laughs throughout.

The 2-minute film opens on a remote wasteland. We are introduced to three survivors of an apocalyptic outbreak as they try to resist the inward threat of a giant zombie. Tooled with a rocket launcher, the group desperately attempt to save their lives, but an unforeseen hindrance puts pressure on their chances – the films own VFX department. After launching balloons and a giant donut at the antagonistic zombie, their vexation increases when the visual effects team takes things up a notch. A terrific, albeit farcical narrative from start-to-finish.

Paul Constantakis and the post-production team at The Vanity have created an enthralling film that succeeds, in part, due to its genre-bending and out-of-the-blue storyline. The entire cast deliver dramatic performances throughout, which only adds to the levity. Visually, the film is of a cinematic standard with outstanding cinematography and special effects. Giant praise to the entire team at The Vanity and the cast and crew. Highly recommended viewing.

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Runtime: 2 min
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