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The Last Garden

In a nuclear bunker, love and survival intertwine.


Matthew Camfield’s short sci-fi thriller immerses viewers in a gripping tale of love, survival, and the fight against apocalyptic despair. Set entirely within a nuclear bunker, the story revolves around Dr. Alston (Peter Svatik) and Aeryn (Nansie Nsue), the last survivors on Earth after a solar catastrophe. The film masterfully explores themes of devotion, human resilience, as they grapple with a malfunctioning hydroponic farm, the lifeline keeping them and the Earth’s last traces of life alive.

Camfield’s narrative delicately balances love and desperation, painting a vivid picture of a dystopian future where man battles both machine and human emotions. The film’s sense of urgency is palpable, heightened by Max Brill’s outstanding cinematography and stellar lighting design, creating a cinematic experience that is both thrilling and visually striking. The production design is stellar, capturing the bleak yet fascinating atmosphere of the nuclear bunker.

The commendable performances by Svatik and Nsue add depth to their characters, making the audience emotionally invest in their fight for survival. With its compelling storyline, exceptional visuals, and strong performances, this short film stands as a testament to Camfield’s storytelling prowess, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating a potential feature-length adaptation.

The Last Garden Short Sci Fi Film


Runtime: 20 min
Genre: ,

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