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A Dollar and a Dream

A drama that delves into a young man’s artistic aspiration.


Simon Ferreux’s short drama, with a script penned by Zoheb Ashfaq, plunges into the life of a young man, portrayed by Alexandre Pommery, whose dreams seem to crumble as the world around him falls apart. Set in Glasgow and filmed during the unprecedented backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film explores a familiar narrative of unwavering aspirations, yet it adds a unique layer of urgency.

Pommery’s character, Daniel, a wannabe rap artist and dreamer, grapples with unemployment, and his artistic ambitions serve as the film’s focal point.

Despite its promising premise, the film falls short in terms of character depth and fails to effectively showcase the protagonist’s artistic prowess, which is meant to be the linchpin of the plot. The acting, while not entirely solid, manages to convey the essence of the narrative.

Charles Eyoma-Murray’s cinematography is a notable highlight, bestowing the film with a polished appearance. However, the narrative itself fails to match the visual prowess, leaving audiences yearning for a more profound exploration of Daniel’s artistic journey.

‘A Dollar and a Dream’ serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by artists during trying times, but it misses the mark in delivering a fully immersive and emotionally resonant experience. Despite its shortcomings, the film does it’s best with it’s limited resources and under COVID-19 government guidelines.

A Dollar and a Dream Short Film


Runtime: 7 min

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